Syria - World History

Syria - World History Syria As one of the current Middle East Arab countries, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, is a landlocked country surrounded by Iraq, of the history of the world Syria had meant a vast region, including those neighboring countries. In other words, the place called Syria, and the range of in the history of the world, it is necessary to pay attention to a range of as the current state is different. Border defined by the British and French Syria as the current state is a small country located from the northern part of the east Mediterranean coast to the Euphrates river basin throughout the region of the inland, is one of the Middle East Arab countries, the current border line, after the first World War Ottoman Empire UK France is delineated by being reduced region when the Mandates divided. So to speak, be one that was defined to strange as the two countries of convenience, ignoring nature of the terrain and the reality of ethnic and religious, cultural traditions, such as economic relations, are those borders was [artificially drawn], It was those which is not known deposits of the people who lived there actually.

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